General Conference 2012

Seven Eagle Scouts, three generations, and my mom who was at all seven Courts of Honor

Jamboree Director of Staff Dining Halls

Program & Asset Management -  I have experience managing facilities in all of my career assignments including council service centers, the Philmont Training Center campus, the Scouting University Westlake Campus, Jamboree dining halls, Randall Martin Scout Ranch, Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation, and Spanish Trail Scout Reservation. My career opportunities have allowed me build a very strong program knowledge and experience.


Desired Traits, Experiences, & Skill Sets 

Revenue Generation - I have experience generating positive revenue and managing balanced budgets  at local and national levels including five years as the Philmont Training Center, 11 years as a Scout executive, five years as a summer camp director, and four years leading volunteer training for the BSA.

Scout Executive

Randall Martin Scout Ranch

Scouting for Food

Disney Institute

Leadership & Management - As a patrol leader I first learned the importance of building a  good team, and as an adult I have been a student of team building. I believe that all my experiences have a professional have proven this is one of my traits. I also follow the idea that Management is about how to do, and Leadership is about how to be.

Mark Griffin

Scout Executive

Membership Growth Planning & Management - ​I have had consistent growth in local councils, including every year during my Florida tenure. In Kennewick we had seven consecutive years (2004-2010) of year-end Cub Scout growth; five years (2004-2008) of June Cub Scout growth; seven years (2004-2010) of June traditional unit growth; six years (2003-2008) of year-end traditional unit growth. Over 90% of units rechartered for nine consecutive years (2003-2010). We also established membership validation procedures and an environment that ensured membership integrity. We had clean membership audits in 2006 (Learning for Life) and 2009 (total membership.)​ I have served on several membership related task forces that have helped me learn best practices, and my time as an area director has further enhanced this experience. 

Strategic Planning - ​​I led the development and execution of three local council strategic plans, a Philmont Training Center strategic plan, and a volunteer training strategic plan. I also managed seven goals in the most recent National Council strategic plan. My score on the Leadership Mirror in this competency was 4.48 and Strategic is one of my Gallup Top 10.