Desired Competencies

Authenticity - ​I have been a Scout for 50 years, and I try to live my life - professionally and personally - by the Scout Oath and Law. My score on the Leadership Mirror in this competency was 4.75.

Customer Focus - I am known for my customer focus and customer service in the Blue Mountain Council, at the Philmont Training Center, in Area 5, and in volunteer training. I am a a graduate of the Disney Institute and have studied and implemented Disney customer service practices in my Scouting and community roles.  A DDI Leadership Mirror 360 Report  I completed in 2012 gave me a Customer Focus score of  4.78 (“from others” on a scale of 1 - Very Low Level to 5 - Very High Level.)

Selling the Vision - ​ I have learned that leadership is not defined by a title, it is defined by actions. To be a leader, I must be intentional about my actions to create sustained, positive transformations within my organization. I have to be able to live, effectively communicate, and create enthusiasm for our vision. Much of my success in my roles in Scouting, and in Rotary, have been because I believe I have done those things. My score on the Leadership Mirror in this competency was 4.48.

Mark Griffin

Scout Executive

Compelling Communication - ​I am a strong communicator verbally, through the written word, and through social networking. I have been successful at communicating the vision of my teams and the Scouting movement. With my top Gallup Strength being Context, and via all I have learned from Disney and other sources, I follow the concept of "Start With Why" to help others understand my thoughts. My score on the Leadership Mirror ​for this competency was 4.56 and Communicator is one of my Gallup Top 5.

Operational Decision Making - ​As I have said elsewhere on this site, one of the strengths of the Boy Scouts of America is the volunteer-professional relationship and the variety of thoughts and experiences that relationship brings. "Securing and comparing information from multiple sources to identify business issues; committing to an action after weighing alternative solutions against important decision criteria" is how we - and I - must operate to activate that strength. I also know that as the chief executive officer of the council I must be ready to analyze the data and opinions and make the necessary decisions.

Driving Execution - ​​This competency is defined as the ability "to ensure that strategic priorities yield measurable and sustainable results." I do not believe that my teams could have had council membership and finance success, rebuilt the Philmont Training Center attendance, or redesigned all unit leader training without this skill.